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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

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The Way of Wooden Churches

World Heritage Monuments


This route focuses on the UNESCO World Heritage wooden churches in Maramureş County but can be enjoyed simply as an excursion throughout the county in order to bask in the great outdoors and take in the stunning landscapes of the countryside. Additional times and distances are provided between UNESCO sites on the route.

The route begins with a steep and winding ascent into forest covered mountains. At the top of the Gutâi Pass the picturesque landscape opens up before you. The road then continues its winding journey down in the rolling countryside on the way to Deseşti.


The route today returns through Sighet, where you can spend a few hours seeing the sites of the town, if you couldn't find time during the first day of this itinerary. Upon leaving Sighet, you will follow the road south into Vadu Izei, where you will turn left and begin the day's journey following the Iza River Valley through a series of small villages and hamlets set amidst rolling hills and small forests. The first major stop on today's itinerary is Bârsana, home to a magnificent UNESCO wooden church and a stunning monastery.


While day 3 seems like a much longer day than the others in the itinerary, it is simply due to the fact that more ground need to be covered and stops are less frequent. The day's itinerary gives you a great opportunity to just relax and enjoy driving through the picturesque countryside.