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Maramureş. Joy on Two Wheels

We want you to wander. To ride from village to village, over the hills, along the river, across the river, on narrow mountain tracks, over fir-tree roots and under juniper eaves, everywhere where there is wildlife and good people. In places so picturesque, that everything you have ever heard about Maramureș would, all of a sudden, take shape before your eyes. We want you to forget that there are convertibles and motorcycles, which would be infinitely trendier than a bicycle. Trendier they might be, yes. Better, not. Neither will allow you to luxuriate in the genuine secrets of a trip in the wild: the music of the forest, the grass reaching to your knees, the soft touch of the wind, the words which you exchange with friends on the fly, the glass of horincă (local brandy) you drink with local – just because you greeted one another on the road and you stopped to shake hands with him.



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Fortunately, it will be easy to do all these. Easier now than before, for in the meantime, through the project ACCESS2MOUNTAIN, bicycle trails have been marked. Following the red C marking, the trails connect green areas, tourist attractions, and several river valleys in Historical Maramureș: Mara, Cosău, Iza, Rona, Vișeu, and Vaser. Area maps and information boards on the trails are there to assist tourists, so do not worry, you will not get lost even if you get off the road to pick up strawberries, blackberries, and mushrooms. Of which, since we’ve been brought that up, you'll find plenty if you go around there when their time is due.


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