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Mocãniţa, the Steam Train on Vaser Valley


CFF Vişeu de Sus is located in the East side of Maramureş county. Also known as "Mocăniţa” or Vaser Valley railway, the steam train track leads along the River Vaser and is the only mean of transport to the heart of Maramureş Mountains (protected area).

Built in 1932, the Vaser Valley railway is still working, primarily aimed as logging wood from the forest for the wood processing factories from Vişeu de Sus. CFF Vişeu de Sus is today the last remaining functional forestry train in Europe still used for wood transportation. 


Since the year 2000, there are regular steam trains also used for tourist purpose. The tourist season starts in spring and ends in late autumn. Departure time is 9:00 am and the train arrives back to Viseu de Sus at around 3:00 pm. The train goes up to the Paltin station (21.6 km), about two hours away from the town of Vişeu de Sus, where a nice halting place has been arranged.

At Paltin, tourists are invited to discover the wild, unaltered nature of the valley, to make a picnic and admire the view from the rock platform located nearby. For the picnic, there is a catering service with a variety of food supply.

For those who are looking for a special out of season adventure, CFF Viseu de Sus can arrange a charter train, that also provides (at request) special catering service.

Starting with 2011, CFF Viseu de Sus offers you accommodation right near the station, in the Carpatia-Express train hotel, with a capacity of 40 beds and a restaurant for 40 persons. 


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