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Wood Civilization

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People from Maramures have always been faithful to wood, carving it into all kinds of shapes: the plate they ate from, the shelter above their head, the church in which they prayed. Time didn't stand still and many things are made today of more modern materials. Still, where it smells like wood, people from Maramures feel home and safe, while visitors stop in front of the old houses, gates and churches and admire them.

In the past, the houses in general used to carry a social mark. This is obvious from the decorations, but mostly from the inscriptions written in Romanian with Cyrillic or Latin characters. We can read names of craftsmen, owners, local rulers, priests etc which are meant to prove the oldness of the building and to convey them a greater value.

The element determining the indoor arrangement, both at material as well as ritualistic level, was the main beam. It ran along the rooms and connected the opposite walls, and by means of the small beams which were equidistantly placed over it, it also connected the side walls and, of course, supported the whole roof structure.

This main beam divided the house into two: on the right was the space for living and on the left side, the space for rituals.