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Bars & Restaurants

Larger towns and cities offer a wide variety of bars and restaurants for visitors to choose from. Traditional Romanian food, Italian and pizza places are the dominant types of cuisine available throughout the county.
During the summer months, there are many terrace bars offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather and watch everyday life move on around them. Once you leave the city and head out to explore the countryside, restaurants and bars become much rarer, though many villages will have a few tables in front of the local store, where you can relax with a drink. Restaurant options in small villages remain limited to the rural guesthouses. These establishments can offer visitors terrific home cooked meals made with ingredients produced on the family farm for very reasonable prices. They will usually be served with homemade wine and palinca or horinca, a fiery spirit made from plums, apples or pears. 

Here is a list of places where you can enjoy tasting local cuisine or have a drink.
*Apart for the restaurants and bars presented here, there are also the hotel-restaurants, enlisted in the Accomodation section.