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Bike Ride through the Land of Lapus





Whoever has heard of the Land of Lăpuş has learned about the Ţibles Mountains and the spectacular Lăpuş Gorge, about the legendary outlaw Pintea the Brave, about Grigore Lese and his "long horas", the monastery at Rohia and the blue-painted houses. However, there might be fewer people who know that the gentle slopes of the old Terra Lapusensis, the slightly more dashing mountains and the villages nestled at their feet provide great tracks for those who enjoy journeys on two wheels. When travelling by bicycle, you will be able to discover a lot more than if you were speeding through in a car: solitary churches and monasteries, lakes, woods and meadows, country roads and traditional homes.


 Ranging as average in terms of difficulty, the Blue Track crosses through diverse landscapes and is generously marked with the “C” symbol, painted in blue, as well as the houses specific to this area.


Location: Land of Lăpuş (Maramureş County); Marks: blue “C” Starting point: Târgu Lăpuş (51 km from Baia Mare, the capital city of Maramureş) Track references: Târgu LăpuşŞatra Mountain – Cupşeni Valley – Cupşeni – Libotin – Rogoz – DămăcuşeniTârgu Lăpuş; Distance: 46 km; Maximum altitude: 815 m; Minimum altitude: 331 m.

Track creator & marker: The Starteam Sports Club of Baia Mare
Project executor: MaramuresInfoTurism


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