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Maramures is a blend of a variety of topographical features that creates a unique landscape. High mountains, green rolling hills, wide and narrow river valleys, forests, pastures, rivers and lakes all form the most aesthetically stunning region of Romania. Situated in the north of Romania, the region occupies an area of 6304 sq kms, borders Ukraine and also the counties of Suceava, Bistriţa Nasaud, Cluj, Salaj and Satu Mare.

Almost 50% of the region is considered mountainous and the region hosts the highest peak of the Eastern Carpathian range; Pietrosu (2303m). Four distinct mountain ranges carve up the region separating Moldavia (not to be confused with Moldova, the country) and Transylvania. The Gutai, Tiblesh and Rodna Mountains, running northwest to east, separate Historical  Maramures from the rest of the region and the  Maramures Mountains form a natural and political boundary with Ukraine in the northeast.