Visit Maramures

The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


The first Greenway in Maramureş was launched On October 2006. The magnificent 64 km of route, crossing the Gutâi Mountains, are blessed with very precious natural and cultural objectives.



The trail includes the wetlands located at the foot of the mountains, true museums for nature wonders hosting a relict flora from the glacier era and Rooster's Peak Reserve which preserves natural elements of significant ecological, scientific and landscape importance.



The cultural values that can be found along the route are harmoniously enriching the heritage of Maramures: traditional architecture - carved wooden gates that carry the place's identity, wooden churches, houses, traditional instalations - and local artisans who are transmitting further the authentic handicrafts, sacredly guarded along past centuries.

Tourists willing to discover the surprising nature and the elements of an archaic civilization are invited to explore our Greenway trail by foot, bike or by cart.

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                                           Photo: Rada Pavel