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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

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Maramures Towns

Towns and villages throughout Maramures offer visitors a unique trip through time, from quaint rural villages, almost untouched by time, to larger, more modern cities, bustling with daily life.

Baia Mare is a cultural center for Maramures  with a lot for visitors to see and do. If visiting on business, one can spend a few hours during the day to learn about the heritage of Maramures by...


Sighetu Marmaţiei feels alive with a blend of both contemporary and traditional elements, evoking a stylish sense of place even for a city over 500 years old.  Sighet is a city on the rise due to its human scale, its elegant and...


The town of Targu Lapus, located on the terraced valley of the Lapus, is one of the region's oldest settlements, being recorded in documents as early as 1291.