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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

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Outdoor Pursuits

Walking and Trekking: Opportunities for walking or trekking through stunning rural landscapes abound throughout  Maramures County. Whether you are looking for a light stroll through a scenic village and it surrounding countryside or a challenging trek through rugged hills and mountains,  Maramures offers every visitor the chance to commune with the natural environment on foot.


Routes and trails exist throughout every region of the county guiding trekkers through rolling hills, fields, and pastures, along babbling streams and swift rivers, and up above the tree line of three different mountain ranges. You are also invited to explore on foot the picturesque villages dotting the countryside to fully appreciate the simplicity and calm of rural life.


There are many trekking routes available to suit all tastes and experience levels for visitors interested in venturing by foot into the beautiful landscapes of Maramures.

Skiing: Outdoor pursuits are not only limited to the summer months in Maramures. Winter sports, and alpine skiing in particular, are a favourite pastime in the area. Many individual ski slopes can be found throughout the mountainous areas of the county catering to various ability levels.


Cycling: One of the best ways to explore  Maramures is with a bicycle. The rolling hills and lack of congestion on country roads combine to produce ideal conditions for an unforgettable cycling adventure. Enjoy the scenery as you peddle your way from village to village shadowing the gentle rippling of nearby streams. Those seeking a more challenging cycling experience can find superb conditions for mountain biking almost anywhere in the county though opportunities are better in the mountainous regions.


But this is far from being all regarding active tourism. Maramures can also turn into the heaven of rafting, paragliding, rapeling and many other "hardcore" activities. For offers, please check