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Protected Areas

Maramures boasts 38 natural protected areas.

The 3300 hectares Pitrosul Rodnei Wildlife Reserve was pronounced UNESCO's " Reserve of the Biosphere". Endemic wild plants, chamios and marmots are the chief protected species, thriving here in the middle of the beautiful alpine landscape spotted with glacial lakes.

The Sweet Chestnut Tree Reserve covers 500 hectares on the hills neighbouring Baia Mare city.

Creasta Cocosului Geological Reserve is centered around the narrow jagged andesite ridge, a vestige of a former volcanic crater, who's name is translated " the Rooster's Peak."

Chiuzbaia Fossil Reserve: Here we can find remains of Pliocene vegetation impeinted in diatomaceous limestone.

Maramures Mountains Natural Park, Lapus Gorge, Tatar's Gorges on the Izvoare plateau, Morareni Lake near the village of Breb are just a few of the other protected areas, a delight for the eye.


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