Visit Maramures

The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


In the villages of Sârbi and Budesti, on Cosau Valley, there are still two traditional hats makers: Vasile Borodi and Manuela Borodi (Ioan Bârlea's daughter) manufacture, out of straw and wood shavings, hats that make the folk costumes complete.

Men proudly wear these small accessories and the expression of their faces is really funny when they put the hats on the back of their heads in order to show their surprise or admiration.

The hats are differently decorated, according to the occasion or event: with colorful beads and flowers at weddings, simple and sobre at funerals. One thing is for sure: all Maramures houses have a nail on the entrace wall, where the man hangs his hat in the evenings, before dinner, after having finished his work.