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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


Rohia's location atop a hill surrounded by lush forests and stunning views is a truly spiritual place, calm and serene, yet welcoming. The monastery is best known for its late resident and convert to Orthodoxism, Nicolai Steinhardt who spent his final years building a remarkable library of international works.

The monastery was founded in 1926 by Nicolae Gherman  in remembrance of his daughter Anna who was ill and died suddenly in 1922. In his dreams, Anna directed her father to build a monastery in a mountainous area outside of Rohia. A complex of buildings dedicated to quiet prayer and spiritual uplifting are home to the monks. During Communist times only one monk was allowed to remain at the monastery. He is still there today, gracefully guiding the work of the monks as they add to the complex of buildings for worship, hosting visitors and meeting the needs of the resident monks. The monastery welcomes guests throughout the year.

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