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History and Archaeology Museum

The History and Archaeology Museum in Baia Mare is truly an important stop for any visitor interested in this region's past.
Since 1979, the two sections of the museum have been hosted by the former Treasury building of Baia Mare - a beautiful architectural monument in baroque style, built in the XVIII century.

At present, the 14 rooms of the History section reflect the evolution of local history from the XIV, up to the XX century. Not so rich in the variety and number of objects displayed initially, the museum's collections grew in time as a result of donations, field research and acquisitions.

Today, the patrimony of the History Section consists of about 28,000 objects, displayed based on the chronology of the local and regional events. The tour of the museum comprises its 11 rooms to which we can add the Thesaurus Room, the Clocks' Roomand those dedicated to the mining industry.

The Archaelogy Collection was enriched along a century of archaelogical work and fortunate discoveries. Iron tools, gold bracelets and other ornaments, coins and many precious pieces are also on display.
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