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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


The wooden church of Barsana, known as the "Holy Mother's Entrance", was originally built in 1720 and later moved to its present location on Jbar Hill in 1806.

According to the legend, Jbar Hill used to be a cemetery for plague victims. As everywhere in such situation, the dead people were burried hurriedly, without a religious service. Undoubtedly, only the very strong religious tradition of the native population, asking for a religious service for the deceased, must have determined them to bring the little church on the Jbar, where it could accomplish in time its role of praying church for those killed by the terrible disease.


Even today, many people of Barsana sincerely believe that, along with the church that had been removed, the deads from the initial place of the church started to move down the valley but underground, so that they might continue their eternal sleep in the shade of the church steeple.