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Traditional Costumes

Maramures traditional costumes are impressive through beauty and simplicity. Each ethnographic region has a local specific when it comes to costume. For instance, the costume of the Land of Lapus is much more elegant and sobre than the one from the Historical Maramures.

In the land of Maramures, the defining elements of the women's clothing are: a kierchief, white shirt with sleeves ended in cuffs and flounces, ample skirts, covered by the two aprons with horizontal stripes colored according to the social status and region (usually black alternating with red, yellow or orange). Over the shirt, women wear a jerkin, or a warmer coat durin wintertime, called

Men wear short white shirts, wide trousers (izmene) in summer and "cioareci" (trousers made of wool) in winter and hats on their heads. The jerkin gives vividness to the costumes. The traditional shoes are called "opinci" and are still part of the folk costumes. In the past, when coming to the fair every Monday, people could recognize each others' origin by the costumes they wore. An identification element for the women was the way the stripes on their skirts were disposed or the chromatics, and for the men, the color of their coat revealed their origins.