Visit Maramures

The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs


The small village of Rogoz is home to another UNESCO monument.


According to tradition, the church "The Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel" was built in 1633 from two huge twin trees brought from Dealul Popii (The Priest's Hill). The church seems to have survived the Tartar invasion of 1717 as the Land of Lăpuş was affected less by the danger brought about by the Tartars than the Land of Maramureş.

The uniqueness of the church "Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel" is given by its southern entrance, asymmetrical roof and horse-head cantilever joints. The ‘Elder's' table covered by the eaves on the northern side of the church has markings corresponding to the families entitled to sit at it. On religious holidays, these families offered meals to the poor in memory of the dead.

Near the "Saint Archaengels Michael and Gabriel" there is  another wooden church, called "Saint Paraschiva", which was brought here from the village Suciu de Sus, in 1883.