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The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

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Sighet Ethnographic Museum


The current collection of the Ethnographical Museum from Sighet, organized after a modern concept, was completed and has been available to the public since December 1971. The exhibits are displayed in open circuit rooms, structured according to the main categories of folk culture.

The entry hallway hosts a stand where visitors can buy artisan's products and copies or replicas of the objects in the patrimony, books, postcards and promotional material.

The hallway leads you to a room which hosts the temporary exhibits or those of special character. From there, you may enter two permanent exhibition rooms, displaying pieces of religious art such as icons painted on wood or glass, statuettes, seal engravers etc. 

The main visitation circuit is located upstairs and  consists of several halls or rooms interconnected with each other. First, the main occupations of the locals are presented in the form of specific objects uncovered in the area of Maramures. Then there is a presentation of the objects used by shepherds and in agriculture, followed by a space dedicated to the tools and techniques used in household textile manufacturing. We then continue with a presentation of peasant furniture, elements of traditional architecture, interior textiles, folk costumes and ceramics. And finally at the end of the visitation circuit, generous space is dedicated to the presentation of winter customs and traditional masks.

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