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Sighetu Marmatiei

sighetSighetu Marmaţiei is the former administrative centre of Maramures. The city feels alive with a blend of both contemporary and traditional elements, evoking a stylish sense of place a mélange of architectural styles that blend the centuries together.

Sighet is located at the confluence of three rivers: Tisa, Iza, and  Mara. It is a city spread out on an open plain bounded by forested mountains with only a few accessible passes through which the people of Maramureş travel to reach this gateway city.
Sighet is a place that has played host to visitors for centuries. Even during ancient times this centre of Europe was a crossroad of culture. Today Sighet is a mix of cultures and religions, of modern conviniences and traditional life.

Sighet is one of those places that has stood the test of time in Romania. The city has endured the pain of Hitler's German troops forcefully deporting Jews in 1944. It is the birth place of Ellie Wiesel, the Noble laureate for peace, who was deported along with his family and many others to Auschwitz and survived to write about the "holocaust".

Until 1948, Sighet was the city of reference and the capital of Maramureş. In 1948, following the Russian model of administration, the capital of the region was moved to Baia Mare. Sighet, however, remains a vibrant small city where visitors and residents alike enjoy the bustle of daily life.