Visit Maramures

The land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs

Wood Sculpture

We are in the land of wood, so the primary craft is, of course, wood sculpting. It is not rare to find peasants that built their own houses. Others perfected their craft and began building wooden churches and carving wooden gates. All these can be observed in the Cosău Valley, Iza Valley and Marea Valley areas, in the Berbesti, Feresti, Calinesti, Sarbi and Budeti villages, as well as the open air village museums in Sighet and Baia Mare.

The Maramures old wooden churches, built in the 17th and 18th centuries, sometimes on older churches sites are proofs of a great originality and creativity. Over the course of history, many of them have been burned by invaders and had to be replaced or rebuilt.

Wood is the green heart of the Maramures county, a shelter for the body, a friend of the heart, companion while working on the fields, the warmth of winter nights, in one word, the soul of Maramures.