Dăneștii Chioarului, Romania


Ioan Sabo is a woodcarver from Dăneștii Chioarului, Maramureș County, who specializes in creating wooden statuettes. His statues represent Moroşeni (people from Maramureş) in various life circumstances.

Ioan Sabo is a very active folk craftsman, who gladly participated in all the editions of the Fair “Goodies of Maramureș” (Bun de Maramureș), as well as in other local or national events for the promotion of the traditional culture of Maramureș.

Contact details: Mireșu Mare township, Dăneștii Chioarului village, 40 Principală street, mobile phone: 0753 170 342.

Workshop access: follow the exit from Baia Mare to Recea, DN 1C, Lăpușel, Hideaga, then on the road 108E Mogoșești, Pribilești, Dăneștii Chioarului, 40 Principală street, there are three large statuettes in the courtyard.


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