Maria Georgeta Iuga

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Șurdești 437332, Romania


Maria Georgeta Iuga paints icons on glass in the traditional Maramureș style, using colors obtained from natural pigments.

The icons painted by this folk craftswoman from Șurdești depict religious scenes and portraits of saints, such as: the Birth of the Lord, the Crucifixion, the Sorrowful Mother, Palm Sunday, St. Nicholas, St. George, St. Demetrius, St. Charalambos etc.

As a sign of gratitude for the promotion of the culture and crafts of Maramureș, the Maramureș County Council awarded the honorary craftsman Georgeta Maria Iuga the honorary title of "Ambassador of Maramureș Tourism". 

Contact details: Șișești township, Șurdești village, 30A Principală street, mobile phone: 0744 769 178.

Workshop access: from Plopiș village we turn on DJ182C and travel 4 km to Șurdești village, where we stop at number 30A to visit the Master Workshop of Maria Georgeta Iuga.


  • Icoane pictate pe sticlă

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