Baia Mare Water Plant

Traseu de bicicletă


Cycling style - All-mountain 
Difficulty grade – intermediate
Minimum equipment - MTB hardtail bike
Points of interest - kickers arranged on the descent road
Route condition - outside the urban area, the route is composed of cobblestone roads and paths; the descent part was arranged by downhill enthusiasts with kickers and other elements.
Warnings - pay attention to the speed you approach the jumpers, which can also be bypassed. Put safety first!

The route starts from Colonia Topitorilor street, on which we will climb to the Water Plant. The asphalt road will end, but the paved road will continue upwards, passing by the Water Plant, which is located on the right side and next to the last house on the street, which is located above, on the left side. We cross the barrier and continue our way up, near the Vicleanu Valley, until the road bifurcates and on the left side there will be a bridge over the valley. Here we take it to the left, cross the bridge and continue to climb this road which at the top will bifurcate again, but we will keep the direction forward until we reach a clearing at an old abandoned mining building. Here we will take it to the right on the steep road, up near the building, until we reach the top. From the top we will descend on the downhill trail, which will take us back to the barrier, and from here we either make another climb, taking it to the left, or return to the urban area, taking it down to the right. We recommend that until you learn the route, to make the first descents carefully and only afterwards to use the arrangements, at a level proportional to your technical skills and equipment. It is also recommended to approach such descent routes in group, so that in the unfortunate circumstances of injuries, to benefit from your friends’ support.

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Grad de dificultate

  • Medie


  • 5.58 km


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